Frequently Asked Questions - DSL

If you are a BPS Telephone Company customer then yes you do qualify for DSL service.

No! DSL uses a portion of the phone line that regular phone service doesn't use. If you have DSL installed, you will be given small filters to attach to the outlets that don't provide the signal to your ADSL modem. These filters are low-pass filters -- simple filters that block all signals above a certain frequency. Since all voice conversations take place below 4 KHz, the low-pass (LP) filters are built to block everything above 4 KHz, preventing the data signals from interfering with standard telephone calls.

If your computer was purchased in the last four years then it likely has everything you need.

Minimum requirements:


  • A 233mhz or fast processor
  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP or Vista
  • Internet Browser (IE 4+, Netscape or FireFox)
  • An Ethernet Card/Port


  • MacOS 7.6 or above
  • Internet Browser (IE 4+, Netscape or FireFox)
  • An Ethernet Card/Port


  • 2.0 Kernel or above
  • X-Windows
  • Internet Browser (Netscape or FireFox)
  • An Ethernet Card/Port


To provide service to more than a single computer you will need to purchase either a wired or wireless DSL router. Simply plug an ethernet cable from the modem's LAN port to the routers WAN port.

Yes, you will need to purchase a Wireless Router - available from many computer hardware retailers. They are simple to install and most manufacturers will include a CD with instructions *If you have a SpeedTouch Modem please read this faq: When I hook up a router to a SpeedTouch modem my internet connection stops working.

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